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You must have come across the term ‘payday loans’ the moment you became independent and had to, all of a sudden, make responsible decisions on how to manage your pay. Truth of the matter is, no one pay is sufficient to handle all the things people need to make their lives comfortable on a daily. Between bills, fees, insurance, grocery shopping, and basically existing, people have come to find out that one piece of income barely covers all these bills, leading to more outstanding bills and then debt.

It is most unfortunate, that most millennials and youngsters have resorted to various varieties of hustling in order to make ends meet. These people simply fall prey to the dangerous system which is the financial world, because they probably were never brought up to understand it. These youth barely have the opportunity to cultivate the habit of saving because each amount that is the pay for the month ends up taking care of outstanding bills. No one really gets to enjoy ‘today’ money for today. Those who want quick cash need, most of the time, to apply for loans.

There are several ways that the financial institutions have come up with in order to make coping with finances tad easier. This comes in the form of savings and loans, investments which can be accessed after a few years, or immediately, if any dire need comes. Unfortunately, life is always filled with surprises, therefore, it is almost impossible to put money to one side and claim that the money set aside had a particular purpose. Soon enough, life hits with medical bills that were unplanned, accidents that require money immediately and other unforeseen expenses, leaving to the need for loans. Most short term loans are either payday loans, or the interesting car motorcycle title loan.

Payday Loans, Title Loans And The Different Types Of Loans You Should Know

Due to the pressure of life requiring people to get loans to sort out various unforeseen expenditure in their lives, different loans have been developed in order to suit each individual and their needs. Most of the time, it becomes difficult to go to the bank for a small loan since the collateral demanded is generally huge. Well, over time, most people have found ways to sort out their debts in such innovative ways to get short term loans which satisfy their needs. Here are a few loans that basically fit into the criteria.

  • Payday loans: For people who May be looking for a quick fix, it is not difficult for them to come up with what is usually termed as payday loans. This kind of loan has several names but all means the same thing. It could be called a payroll loan, a salary loan, a cash advance loan, or even a short term loan. It is a loan that is generally unsecured and there is actually no telling if the repayment of the loan is directly linked to the borrower’s salary. It could also be named a cash advance and it is basically dependent on the fact that the borrower has an employment which pays well enough and frequently enough to facilitate repayment of the loan.

These sorts of loans have different legislature between different environments, and the terms change from city to city, state to state. Since this is not a title secured loan, the interest rates can easily be hiked up, making the venture process a viscous cycle of debt. However, in order to ensure that people are not taken advantage of, there are jurisdictions that regulate the annual percentage rate, placing a limit on the highest amount any lender can charge as his interest fee. The lender provides the short term cash to the consumer, and the offer dictates that the loan be repaid by the borrowers’ next pay day. This is why the borrower’s employment status is of utmost importance for it to be termed a payday loan. In order to enforce this, proof of employment must be given.

  • Title loans: This, unlike the payday loan, is a secured loan, where the borrower uses his car title to serve as a collateral. This means that the lender can request for the car title to facilitate the title loan. The hard copy of the car title is temporarily surrendered in exchange for the cash. Once the borrower pays the cash, the request for the car title is revoked, and the borrower can get his car title back. If the borrower refuses to pay, the vehicle in question can be repossessed by the lender and he could sell it so that he could get back his money. Unlike the payday loans, car title loans give an assurance of the loaned cash being paid due to the contingency plan which results in the one who borrowed standing the risk of losing his car.

This loan system is generally one that has a higher cost to borrow than most short term rates. The lenders are usually uninterested in the sources of income of the one he is lending cash to, neither are they worried about their credit history. It is always a win win situation for whoever plays lender; the money or the car. The main interest however is the vehicle being used. The car, or motorcycle, of course, should be able to cater for the repayment of the loaned cash, plus whatever interest is accrued, should the borrower default on his payment. However, even with such a secured option, lenders may increase the price of interest, arguing that since the vehicle deed has been placed as collateral, there is a heightened risk of defaulting by borrowers since in a title loan, well, if they can really spare the car, it becomes the headache of the lender to sell off the vehicle in hope to get the money back plus interest. This is why most of the time, the interest rates are always hiked up.

Car Title Loans: The Lowdown

The Car title loans, or otherwise known as easy title loans, are secured loans, and usually, the lender needs just little minutes to process the loan. The money involved can be anywhere from as little as $150 to as high as the price of a car. Most finance companies or online title loans companies would not loan an amount below $1000. This is to ensure that at the end there is no loss, especially to an individual with a shaky credit history. This is because the venture is generally deemed to be non profitable. Some lenders actually go on to perform due diligence by looking into the employment status of the borrower, how much he is paid on the regular, and also the correct verification of the collateral placed, ensuring that it is actually worth the risk.

Auto Title Loans And Some Online Title Loans Which You Should Consider

Thankfully, the internet is a good place for you to research if you are looking to secure online title loans which suit your purpose. There are so many online title loans that you could research on. The best title loans are the ones which are suited to your needs, and you can pay up within record time, without exorbitant prices. All you really need to do is research ‘car title loans completely online’ and a good number of options are sure to come up.

How online title loans work? Most of these car title loans completely online work need a credit check in order for the loan to be processed. The lender has to value your car after you have sent in your online application for the auto title loans and then approve. If it is approved, then you can bring in your car for the cash. If you are hard on cash you might consider choosing an online title loan, however, you should be guided that these loans, just like payday loans, are only for emergencies, and thus, should not be treated as a go to solution for every money problem.

Best Title Loans And The UnFavourable Factors Worth Considering

First off, automobile title loans are usually quick and therefore look appealing to choose since you can get it within minutes, especially with the car title loans completely online. There are a few factors to consider when choosing your title loan, and a few steps to take. When choosing the online route for the best title loans

  • Go for one that is credible and authentic.
  • Opt for one that has a physics office you could visit.
  • Compare interest rates, always.
  • Have a plan in place to repay the money.
  • Ensure that you have the complete documents for your car, or motorcycle.

Before you choose the online title loan route, you would want to consider a few points.

1. They are expensive

For a simple loan of about $1000, if you have no plans in place to repay the loan, you will find yourself losing bulk of your money to debt following continuously increasing rates interest rates. Try to pay as soon as possible, as this always ensures that you do not fall prey to the interest rates.

You also stand a risk of losing your car, which may not be worth the trouble in the long run. Your fees could rack up to more than 100% of the money you initially borrowed, especially if you keep the loaned money for long without repaying.

2. You could increase your debt

Most borrowers typically do not have the means to meet up payment. The worst type of borrowers are those who borrow to pay debts. This is why being smart about the reason for the loan forms part of the smart money choices anyone should make. Understand that you do not take loans for ventures which will not pay you back. Even if it is for an emergency, you need to think carefully before you go for a loan, especially one where your car title is serving as the collateral.

3. You may lose your car

This definitely goes without saying. Chances are once you have sent in your car title for these automobile title loans, you may default on payment because you get to keep driving your car and you can cash the money. This could easily lead to irresponsibility and then time flies without you having settled your business. Losing your car becomes easier than you would ever think.

4. Online scams are definitely a thing

One of the biggest risks you could face when dealing with car title loans online is the possibility of being scammed. Unfortunately, the online environment is one that can allow for all sorts of mishaps because you cannot even tell who you are dealing with. The lack of transparency for transactions online makes the entire venture risky. You could find out that certain lenders have hidden fees attaches to their loans, making the process several times more expensive than the actual price.

If you are absolutely in need of money and are opting for better title loans, you really should consider preparing for ways to pay out the title car loans. Another thing you could do is ensure you never have to borrow money in the first place. Saving for the rainy day is always a good idea for the salaried worker, so that if unfortunate emergencies should happen, there is definitely a way out, without entering the viscous cycle of having to take short term loans.

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